Surprise Millionaire Controversy!

A Surprise Millionaire Controversy in New Hampshire!  Two wills, two attorneys and a host of beneficiaries are all vying for an elderly lady’s $1 million estate.   My advice to our Surprise Millionaires is to make your wishes known early, make it legal and binding and don’t change your mind if you can avoid it!

I’m sure this poor lady’s estate will be decimated by the time this is all settled.  Link

Maybe you CAN Take It With You!

This gives a whole new meaning to the term “Surprise Millionaire”.  Twelve distant relatives have been notified that they are the heirs to a 100 million dollar fortune amassed by their lumber tycoon great-grandfather who died over 90 years ago.  It seems that the old gentleman didn’t think much of his family at the time and wanted them all gone before his estate was disbursed!   His great-grandchildren will inherit up to 16 million dollars apiece.  The video is attached below.