Taking a look at the “Surprise Millionaires”

I plan to take a look at the lives of these remarkable people; hopefully to determine just what makes them tick.  I hope you will come along with me.  Let’s find out just what drove them to save and accumulate vast amounts of wealth.  Will we find similarities regarding motivation, personality and background?  Or, will we discover that each and every one of our surprise millionaires was an “American Original”.  Okay, let’s dive right in and take a look at one of our surprise millionaires.  A very unassuming woman by the name of Grace Groner.

So who are these “Surprise Millionaires”?

We occasionally hear about them in the news.  People who live unassuming ordinary lives yet have accumulated vast amounts of wealth; often with little means of doing so.  These folks are often described as “old misers” or “quite odd” by the news media.  However, every once in a while someone bothers to look below the surface to discover the interesting and often times amazing people who we will call the Surprise Millionaires.

Even when the media does a decent job of reporting on these individuals, the stories can still be confusing and just a little bit bewildering.  Their actions seem to conflict with our traditional American values.  After all, conspicuous consumption and being upwardly mobile is the “American way”.

So we scratch our heads wondering, “If they had all that money, why didn’t they spend some of it?  If they could have improved their station in life, why didn’t they?”