Early Financial Trailblazers

Orville Rogers (2)It is interesting to note that long before there were company-sponsored 401k plans when most retirees relied upon social security and hopefully a company pension during their later years, our Surprise Millionaires were bucking the system taking it upon themselves to save and invest for retirement.  Today’s Surprise Millionaire is an excellent example of this truth.  Read about Orville Rogers who is enjoying his fourth decade of a comfortable retirement due to his early and consistent saving and investing.

The Surprise Anonymous Millionaire

anonymouswomanSeveral charities in northern Idaho are the recipients of a charitable trust established by a frugal and anonymous millionaire.  All that is known about the benefactor is that she spent the last ten years of her life living very frugally in order to accumulate the $1.5 million estate that established the trust.

A very humble woman, this anonymous benefactor did not want her name disclosed to the public.  We do know that she was born in New York in the 1920s and was involved in the arts as a photographer.  She retired to northern Idaho some years ago.

This is the first surprise AND anonymous millionaire I have encountered.  Could there be more?