A Silver Lining In the Silver Valley

GARET_FEATHERSTONE_GALBRAITH.JPG_t1200 (2)Through shrewd investing, a Northern Idaho native was able to transform a small inheritance into a $12 million estate which is now used to benefit the underserved communities in the Silver Valley area of Northern Idaho. Margaret Featherstone Galbraith believed that the Inland Northwest Community Foundation (Innovia Foundation) would be the best place to leave her estate as a means to distribute grant money to deserving charities and causes in the surrounding area.  Margaret left this amazing gift back in 2005 which would be the largest ever received by Innovia. Thanks to Margaret, youth programs, conservation efforts and overall improvement programs for the Northern Idaho area have received a boost through Innovia’s grant money.  It would also appear that Margaret’s generous gift started a tradition in the area with several other residents following her lead.  Take a look at the wonderful work Innovia provides due to the help of Margaret and so many others:

The Surprise Anonymous Millionaire

anonymouswomanSeveral charities in northern Idaho are the recipients of a charitable trust established by a frugal and anonymous millionaire.  All that is known about the benefactor is that she spent the last ten years of her life living very frugally in order to accumulate the $1.5 million estate that established the trust.

A very humble woman, this anonymous benefactor did not want her name disclosed to the public.  We do know that she was born in New York in the 1920s and was involved in the arts as a photographer.  She retired to northern Idaho some years ago.

This is the first surprise AND anonymous millionaire I have encountered.  Could there be more?