Crime Doesn’t Pay!

No Silver Spoons Here!

It looks like we have another controversy involving the last will and testament of an elderly Surprise Millionaire. This gentleman’s grand-nephew has been cheated out of his inheritance due to the involvement of some unsavory characters.  Like I have said in the past to all of you potential Surprise Millionaires out there, make your wishes known. Better yet, write a will with the help of an attorney that will stand up in the court of your jurisdiction against anyone who might file a false claim. Surprise Millionaires work far too hard to have their fortunes disbursed in a way other than what they wanted.

However, I am happy to report that those “unsavory characters” are getting their just desserts and they are learning that crime doesn’t pay!

More Unsettling News

arrested man hands close up
As I reported a couple of months ago, it is so important that Surprise Millionaires keep their wealth a closely guarded secret to protect them from unscrupulous characters.     I have just heard of ANOTHER Surprise Millionaire who met with foul play.  This time it was at the hands of a godson that he hadn’t seen for years.   While our Surprise Millionaires may have the wealth of more high profile people, they do not have the same security measures in place.  Hopefully these are isolated incidents and this isn’t becoming a trend.

I have linked to the news report here.

A Sobering Post

I strive to keep things upbeat here at The Surprise Millionaires however I recently discovered some information I would like to share.  By chance I viewed two separate crime programs profiling gentleman that we would categorize as “Surprise Millionaires”.  These gentleman unfortunately met with foul play specifically because of their wealth.

This underscores the reasoning why our Surprise Millionaires very wisely keep their wealth a secret.  It appears that the wrong people were trusted or were somehow made aware of the victim’s wealth in these situations which resulted in tragedy.  If you have a “Surprise Millionaire” in your life please encourage them to be very careful about who they share this information with.  I will post links to news stories below regarding each gentleman.

William McGrath:

Bob Harrod:

Mr. Harrod is still missing.  Anyone with information may submit a tip anonymously  to the address below:

Thank you