The Surprise Benefactor

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This week I am very proud to feature a true Surprise Millionaire from my Alma mater, Missouri State University.  This millionaire was neither a student nor professor at the university but rather a hard working secretary.  From her homemade clothing to her modest demeanor, no one would have guessed she would one day be a major benefactor to the institution she had given so much of her life to.

The Son Who Went His Own Way

prof-shinemanIt can be hard to go your own way when your family is known for a certain profession or is affiliated with a certain company or industry.  However, the rewards of following your passion can far outweigh the risks.

Professor Richard Shineman new the risks and also the rewards of this decision.  He went his own way, followed his passion and long outlasted the company his family was known for.  And with hard work and frugal living was able to make his world a better place.

Saving It Forward

barbara-curtisWhat would you be tempted to do if you inherited a small sum of money?  Pay off some bills?  Buy a new car?  What if you did nothing with it, except maybe invest it?  And what if you never touched that money and left it to one of your children and they did the same thing?  Well if you did, you would be just like the Curtis family.

Retired school teacher Barbara Curtis inherited that aforementioned small sum from her father who had inherited it prior to her.  Barbara, known for her frugality knew just what to do with her little windfall and the results were amazing!

Changing America One Neighborhood at a Time

With all of the negativity in the news this week, I thought it would be a great time to focus on someone who is doing good in the world.  A self-made and some would say, Surprise Millionaire who is giving back to his community and wants to change America one neighborhood at a time.