The Thrifty Preacher

Reverend Vertue Sharp was a Methodist minister and farmer who lived his life by the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 in which we are taught that whatever we do for the “least of these” we do for him.  Middlesettlements

Reverend Sharp sought to live out this teaching by leaving his estate of $2 million to two eastern Tennessee area hospitals upon is death in 1999 at the age of 94.  Reverend Sharp accumulated his wealth thanks to wise investing, frugal living, and the sale of his farm.

Thanks to Vertue Sharp and his selfless generosity, many of eastern Tennessee’s most vulnerable residents will receive the care and attention they need to live healthy and happy lives.  Another Surprise Millionaire lives out their life’s mission by helping others in their community.


Hats off to the “hat lady”

Bette WilsonBirmingham Alabama resident, Bette Wilson, shocked her friends and neighbors by leaving $2.52 million to assist with the establishment of a church camp along the Cahaba River. Known to fellow parishioners as the “hat lady”, Mrs. Wilson was a fixture at her local church for over 50 years and famous for wearing many memorable hats.  Imagine the surprise of everyone around her when this retiree on a “fixed income” was found to be a multi-millionaire!

Paying It Forward

Another classic!  I found this news segment regarding one of my early Surprise Millionaires Loren Krueger. This story of giving and “paying it forward” resonated with so many people when I first published my post, that I wanted to bring the related video to your attention as well.  It’s a very heartwarming story.


A Rare Glimpse Into A Life

I am very pleased to share this short documentary on one of my original Surprise Millionaires, social worker Jane Buri.  This is a rare glimpse into the life of one of the amazing individuals I profile on this blog.  I hope you are inspired by her story .

Unfortunately, the video documentary is no longer available, but I have linked to a news article regarding this amazing lady!   

The Return of the Hard Rock’n Mamma!

I was thrilled to find an article on my Surprise Millionaire and Greatful Dead devotee, Phyllis A. Stone with a series of pictures!  She is one of the most entertaining people that I have had the privilege of profiling on my blog and one of the most popular among my readers.  Enjoy!

Phyllis Stone Check

From Gang Life To Millionaire

An inspiring story about a young man who not only turned his life around but became a self-made millionaire as well AND gives back to his community.  This is a different sort of “Surprise Millionaire” story.  I wish him all the best!