Keep The Season Bright!

It looks like the market gave us an unwanted Christmas present this season.  But don’t let that spoil  your holidays!  Remember, we Surprise Millionaires are playing the long game.  Consistent, long-term investing really is the best present you can give yourself every day of the year!


Spreading A Little Christmas Cheer!

Christmas DonationA donor leaves a $200,000  check in a little red kettle in the Twin Cities but has asked to remain anonymous.  Hmm… It sounds like one of our Surprise Millionaires is at it again spreading some Christmas cheer to those in need.  Here is hoping that all of my readers have a happy and wonderful holiday season.  See you all in 2018!

A Christmas Gift

Juanita Ellen (Teubner) Schmeeckle was born on Christmas day 1922 during a season of schmeeklegiving that stayed with her the rest of her life.  A beautician married to a mechanic, Juanita could always be counted on by friends and family alike.  Whenever the chips were down, Juanita would always lend a helping hand.  This is why it was no “surprise” to friends and family that this millionaire left behind her $10 million estate for the betterment of children, the disabled, and the elderly.  That is a Christmas gift that will keep on giving for years to come.