The Oracle of Buffalo

“Although adversity seemed to follow her, she eventually bounced back.”

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I think everyone has probably heard of Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha.  His Stephanie Mucha (2)financial prowess is known the world over.  But have you ever heard of the Oracle of Buffalo?  No? Well you are going to now!

Meet Stephanie Mucha.  This 100 year old lady is such an investment whiz that she has earned the nickname of the Oracle of Buffalo.  Quite a compliment since it is a take on the nickname of the Oracle of Omaha himself.  She has even had an article written about her in a premier investing publication.

Stephanie doesn’t give a lot of financial advice but she does have a wise word about facing life’s difficulties and challenges, “Keep a stiff upper lip.”  I would also have to add, “and invest wisely”.  I think these two things are truly the recipe for her success.

Keeping Your Perspective

Barbara Dodd Anderson was very wealthy; I mean VERY wealthy.  Her father was one of Warren Buffet’s earliest investors which paid off big for the family and it also allowed Barbara to attend private school among other things.  However, as you will see in the 2007 video below, Barbara didn’t live an opulent lifestyle even though she could.     barbara dodd anderson

She kept her middle-class values of hard work and giving back to others which seemed to give her a very happy life.  Mrs. Anderson passed away in 2010 with the bulk of her estate going to her alma mater.  There is a lesson to be learned here by all of us potential Surprise Millionaires.