How To Be Happy

Please check out fellow blogger Byron Tully’s latest book! A great author with an important message.

The Old Money Book

I wanted to let you know that I’ve just published a new book, How To Be Happy – A Practical Guide To The Most Essential & Overrated Pursuit of Your Life.

It’s available as an ebook right now on Amazon.

Contrary to many ‘positive thinking’ and ‘you can do anything’ tomes that populate the bookstore shelves and online search results today, I encourage readers to embrace life’s contradictions and ambiguities, as well as its limitations and reality, in order to be happy.

True to form, I rarely mince words, but I think the book has its entertaining moments. Probably influenced by my recent readings of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, How To Be Happy keeps both of its philosophical feet firmly on the ground and acknowledges the ironies that fill our daily lives.

I start with the title, coupling the ‘essential’, eternal nature of the pursuit of happiness with…

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