The Surprise Hero AND Millionaire

A decorated army helicopter medic who served his country well left his adopted community quite a gift earlier this summer.   The Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity will be putting Stephen M. Florentz’ $2.25 million gift to good use.

This gentleman who grew up in the tenements of New York City bought his first home when moving to Oklahoma and never forgot the pride that home ownership brought him.  He wanted to pass that feeling along to others.

Florentz BookDuring my research of this amazing hero and Surprise Millionaire, I found a piece of information that others had overlooked.  He was a published author as well!




One thought on “The Surprise Hero AND Millionaire

  1. smallivy September 27, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    Reblogged this on The Small Investor and commented:
    From the Surprise Millionaires, a story of a decorated veteran who used his strong financial ethos to leave a significant gift at his death. These are the kind of folks being disrespected by those who kneel for the anthem.

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