Anyone Can Accumulate Wealth!

Credit UnionIt appears that others are discovering the Surprise Millionaires phenomena.  One financial institution is even attempting to educate its customers regarding the benefits of frugality and wise investing.  The article is great and right on target but the statement that really grabbed me is one that expands on an idea I have spoken about at length here at the Surprise Millionaires:

“The correlation between being a millionaire and occupation is completely random. More than what you do for a living, the manner in which you live your life will determine your financial outcome.”

In other words, “anyone can accumulate wealth”!  I say it much more simply but the message is the same.  Consistent, long term, saving and investing will result in wealth accumulation.  And just how do you maximize the funds you are able to invest? Frugality of course!

The Old Money Book: Now An Audiobook!

I highly recommend Byron Tully’s books for all of you future Surprise Millionaires out there. His thoughts and advice are right on target for those of us who are interested in accumulating and maintaining wealth as well as living a happy and productive life.

The Old Money Book

I’m delighted to announce that The Old Money Book is now available as an audio book on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Old Money Audio

Voiceover pro Maureen Egan narrates the book and delivers a smooth, confident performance that perfectly matches the tone of the text.  I’m very fortunate to have worked with her.

To everyone who’s purchased a copy of the print version or ebook, given copies to friends and family, and commented on the blog over the past few years, Thank You.

Keep It Old.

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Everything is Bigger in Texas

It appears that the Hill Country of Texas may hold a surprise or two.  According to this article, they have an unusually high number of wealthy retirees who do not act the part.

Texas HC

Case in point, take a look at the quote from this local resident:

“I know one millionaire, but he doesn’t show it,” said Joyce Griffin, 75, during a visit to the Dietert Senior Center in Kerrville. “He has a beat-up Chevy pickup from the 1970s.”

This is the very definition of a Surprise Millionaire!   As we have often heard, “everything is bigger in Texas”.   That may also apply to the number of Surprise Millionaires per capita!

The Rugged Individualist

BeckmanWMAI think few would argue that Montana is a state called home by many rugged individualists. People who make their own way in life on their own terms.  What a perfect place to produce a Surprise Millionaire!

LeRoy Beckman was just such a person.  Raised in poverty by a single mother, Mr. Beckman went on to amass an estate totaling $3 million simply by virtue of his frugality and wise investing.

An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Beckman’s estate created a wildlife preserve to ensure that a large part of Montana’s vast terrain will remain unspoiled and accessible to the public for years to come.