Art For Art’s Sake

Elizabeth-VerdowA long-time Detroit area art teacher left quite a gift to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). After a long teaching career, Elizabeth Verdow spent another 19 years volunteering at the DIA’s gift shop.  This sweet and quiet lady told the staff that she had left a gift for the DIA in her will.  She failed to mention that the gift was $1.71 million!  By investing wisely and living frugally, this lovely lady was able to leave a gift that will help make the arts available to her community for some time to come.

Hats off to the “hat lady”

Bette WilsonBirmingham Alabama resident, Bette Wilson, shocked her friends and neighbors by leaving $2.52 million to assist with the establishment of a church camp along the Cahaba River. Known to fellow parishioners as the “hat lady”, Mrs. Wilson was a fixture at her local church for over 50 years and famous for wearing many memorable hats.  Imagine the surprise of everyone around her when this retiree on a “fixed income” was found to be a multi-millionaire!

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!

CRB Willis MillerA hard-boiled newspaperman and Surprise Millionaire shows his softer side by donating over $1 million for scholarships to local students. A recipient of scholarship assistance himself during the Great Depression he was able to give back to his community thanks to frugal living and wise investing. Now that’s some news worth reading!

He Makes Millions in Order to Give it Away

A 90-year-old self-made millionaire recently donated $750,000 to  SacraTschannenmento State University to assist with the building of a new sports facility.  In fact, Ernest Tschannen has donated millions to various charities over the years.  Although this would be an inspiring story in and of itself, it appears there is more.

According to Mr. Tschanne, he makes money or accumulates wealth with the express purpose of giving it away!  It has been his life’s work.  Now that is inspiring!

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Frugal Farmer Leaves A ‘Transformational’ Gift

Sonsteng, R

Frugal farmer Robert Sonsteng left his nearly $10 million estate for the benefit of his small  Minnesota community.  The areas churches, schools, and charitable organizations will all benefit from Mr. Sonsteng’s generous gift.  Another Surprise Millionaire making a difference in their community!