The Kids Are Alright

What a great story!  A low-key St. Louis area couple who operated a machine shop for many years left their entire estate ($25 million!) to two area Children’s hospitals.   I think the statement in the article that sums it up best said, “To meet him, you’d never get the impression that he was a man of wealth. He was quite a guy … He knew how to live.”


Paying It Forward

Another classic!  I found this news segment regarding one of my early Surprise Millionaires Loren Krueger. This story of giving and “paying it forward” resonated with so many people when I first published my post, that I wanted to bring the related video to your attention as well.  It’s a very heartwarming story.


A Rare Glimpse Into A Life

I am very pleased to share this short documentary on one of my original Surprise Millionaires, social worker Jane Buri.  This is a rare glimpse into the life of one of the amazing individuals I profile on this blog.  I hope you are inspired by her story .

Unfortunately, the video documentary is no longer available, but I have linked to a news article regarding this amazing lady!