A Professional Athlete And Frugal Millionaire

What an inspiring story!  With all of the news about professional athletes wasting the millions they earn, it is nice to see a young man with a frugal attitude and an eye toward the future.  Since it is my understanding that he was recently cut from the Lions due to injuries, his frugal lifestyle will pay off for him and his family immediately.  I wish him the best of luck with his future plans!


Ryan Broyles




Worth A Thousand Words …

I just discovered a news segment regarding one of my early Surprise Millionaires, Elinor Sauerwein.  I enjoy writing about these wonderful people but as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  In that case, this video is worth ten thousand!  Enjoy.


Elinor Sauerwein







The Not-Rich Kid’s Guide to Graduating from College with Almost No Debt

What an inspiring story! Best of luck with your future plans.

Views From The Lake

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I was raised in a working-class neighborhood near Dallas by my mother, an immigrant from Vietnam. I attended the public schools nearby. We had metal detectors, drug searches using police dogs, a vice principal who was shot by a BB gun at a school assembly, and a teacher who was hospitalized after students put staples in her coffee — and that was just at my middle school.

I avoided the stress of dealing with drugs and gangs by routinely skipping classes. When I was 16, my high school principal told me that my spotty attendance was hurting the school’s funding, so she gave me an ultimatum: I could drop out, or I would be given a large truancy fine. Unable to afford the fine, later that week I became a high school dropout. (More accurately, I was a pushout).

I had to wait a few months until I turned…

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