End Of A Journey …

I would like to thank all of my followers and other interested parties that have made this blog such a pleasure to manage.

When I began this blog in 2013 it was in conjunction with the release of my related e-book on amazon.com.  However, the blog soon eclipsed the book in popularity and interest and I have been very pleased to be the main researcher and writer ever since.

However, all things must come to an end and it looks like our Surprise Millionaire journey has ended.  But rest assured that I will continue my personal Surprise Millionaire journey and I hope all of you will as well!

For those of you who might need a Surprise Millionaire “fix” going forward, check out the e-book at amazon.com.  And never forget the Surprise Millionaire’s motto, “anyone can accumulate wealth”!

Best Wishes,

The Surprise Millionaires

Final Destination

The Wall Street crash of 1929, the world-wide crash of 1987 and theBumpy Road housing bubble burst of 2008.  Our Surprise Millionaires have lived through them all and still came out on top! Remember that consistent, long-term investing is the name of the game. The journey may provide a few unexpected bumps in the road but it is the final destination that counts!

The “Do It Yourself” Surprise Millionaire

It appears a Wyoming man made his own will in order to leave nothing to Tom Woodyard (2)chance.  Tom Woodyard of Riverton Wyoming knew that he was getting older and wanted to make sure that his wishes were known and carried out when his time came.  So, did Mr. Woodyard hire an attorney to hammer out the details?  Nope. This retired educator did it all himself!  He drafted a very detailed will in which he left his secret fortune to more charities than could be cataloged in a short blog post! Everyone from the Boy Scouts to hospices, fishing organizations to churches, can thank Tom Woodyard for his generous gifts. And thankfully, the courts determined this gentleman’s do it yourself will 100% legal and binding.  While I admire Mr. Woodyard’s do it yourself attitude, when we are dealing with such a large estate, it might be a good idea to get a little legal advice along the way.  Regardless, it looks like we have another inspiring Surprise Millionaire to add to our list!